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Morgyn Heim, MA, LLPC

“You cannot heal what you refuse to confront.” Is this a phrase that resonates with you? If so, then you are in the right place. Sometimes in life we get to a point where we realize that we are not living our truest life or our most actualized self. This can be anything from dealing with our daily turmoil and tribulations to confronting deep insecurities, distressing anxiety and depression, or past trauma. One of the key steps to overcoming these concerns is to turn inward and examine the self. Counseling is a process where you can do this in a safe, consistent, and helpful relationship. In our counseling relationship, I promise to provide you with my most authentic self so that you can discover yours.

My name is Morgyn Heim and I am one of the newest members of Meaningful Connections Counseling PLC. I have a Masters in Counseling Education with a focus in Clinical Mental Health Counseling which I received in the summer of 2020. I am currently licensed as a limited-license professional counselor with the state of Michigan. I have had various trainings in areas including but not limited to: trauma, suicide, domestic violence, LGBTQ issues, and human trafficking. While I do not have any current specialties, I do enjoy working with individuals (both teenagers and adults) through concerns related to anxiety, depression, trauma, and LGBTQ matters. My goal is to work with you by providing a safe space to deconstruct your difficulties while also challenging you to grow and develop an authentic sense of self.

 The most important part of my counseling style is to understand that our relationship is free from judgment. I am not here to judge you; I am here to help you. The best way that I know how to do that is to love and respect you as the perfectly imperfect human being that you—and we all—are. I am willing to put in the work if you are, too. I cannot give you the answers and I cannot tell you what to do, but what I can do is support you and travel this part of the journey with you while you find your resolutions. If this sounds like the right fit, I welcome you to contact me. I look forward to spending time getting to know you in your sincerest form.

*I am currently able to accept cash payments (sliding scale) and insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield, BCBS Complete,  Meridian, and McLaren). 

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