Meaningful Connections Counseling, PLC

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-Obsessive/compulsive behaviors
-Anger and attitudes
-Video game addiction
-Peer Choices
-Drug and alcohol use
-Parent/child relationships
-Social Anxiety
-Foster Care/Adoption

We can help your child or teen with:

​Child/Teen Counseling and

Family Therapy

Children and teens are in a transitional phase of their lives that can bring about many emotions, uncertainties or anxieties.   We work with all ages, from toddlers to teens, because we know every age presents new challenges and changes. Our therapists have a great deal of experience and training, and will tailor treatment to fit your child or teen’s unique situation. 

We also offer group therapy for a variety of concerns to enhance treatment, and provide an opportunity for a child to learn and grow from the experiences of his/her own peers who are seeking help for similar issues. See our home page for current group offerings, and feel free to send us an email with any questions. 

-Parental separation or divorce
-Sleeping difficulties
-Social awkwardness
-Dating and relationships
-Anxiety and panic
-Autism spectrum disorder
-Asperger’s Disorder
-Eating disorders
-Behavioral issues
-School Problems