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I am very happy to see that health and wellness have become a focal point in our cultural dialogue, for both mental and physical health. I have always been a believer that mental and physical health are very connected, and that when one is affected, the other will be affected as well. I tend to prefer a holistic view of people and the presenting problems within their context.

I use humor, warmth, and empathy to engage with people in session. I was trained in Family Systems Theory, which helps me further explore issues within their context. I was a Spanish major and Communications Minor in my undergraduate program at Adrian College, so I love language. I love therapeutic interventions that utilize language (narrative therapy, reframing, empowering speech). I also love working with couples, and helping them navigate themselves and the world around them. It can be really difficult to bring about working solutions to a partnership, so sometimes having a non-biased third party can make so much difference in that journey! Learning to communicate and have productive conversations can do so much for the partnership in the therapy room and beyond. I am currently a Gottman Level 1 Trained Therapist (further formal training in couples work).

If you feel you are ready to connect with a therapist, please contact me to make an appointment.

Alex Knoll, MA, LLPC

Limited Licensed Professional Counselor

Meaningful Connections Counseling, PLC