Lisa Bailey, MA, LLPC

A positive vibe between therapist and client is key to successful progress in therapy.  A rich investment in yourself, relationships, and the quality of your life begin in an environment that is all your own, where we work together.  Connecting with the right therapist is the magic key.  I am here to help clients reflect on their deepest values, be more brave, content, whole, and authentic  ~ as an individual, partner in a relationship, caregiver, family member, work colleague, and friend.  

I specialize in individual adult or couples therapy, inclusive of the LGBTQ community, and endeavor to work with clients who are navigating growth and life transitions of any kind.  My muse is human connections and truly love bridging compassion and understanding.

My therapeutic approach is rooted in Existential Depth Psychology, Client Centered, and strengths-based which fosters an environment where you can be open, honest, and motivated by positive change and growth.  Your experience in therapy with me will be instinctively tailored to your needs, as we all experience life differently.  My goal is to listen, help reflect your concerns, provide useful reframing and feedback, organize thoughts,  and problem solve solutions together.  I consider the therapeutic relationship to be encouraging, illuminating, humorous, with a therapeutic style that is warm, insightful, collaborative, and authentic while remaining rooted in theory.  

A native of Boston, Massachusetts and twenty years as a Michigander, I am an LLPC, have a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, and seventeen years of experience which includes certifications in trauma, mediation, and suicide prevention.  My treatment approach is informed by the understanding that a person is inevitably influenced by their connection to personal interests, family, family of origin, friends, community, society, culture, and the world.

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