Strategic Educational Consultant

As a Strategic Educational Consultant I support the parent and family as you navigate the school system to ensure your child receives the appropriate supports and services, and you as the parent are informed, empowered, and engaged throughout your child’s education experience. I am committed to creating a safe space where your child can explore and learn about their strengths in order to leverage them in an education setting.

I am a certified teacher with experience in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Early Literacy Instruction, Coaching, and Consulting. I have been supporting children, their families, and educators for 13 years within the education systems in Southwest Michigan.

I am a wife and mom who enjoys family time watching movies, going on hikes, and watching my son play golf and soccer. I also find joy in weight lifting, writing, camping, and traveling.

Since graduating from Western Michigan University in Special Education in 2009 and again in 2015 with my Masters in Literacy Studies, it has been my mission to serve children and families to provide access to individualized learning goals and high quality intervention plans. By empowering children to be self-aware through their learning process, children become more comfortable, engaged and confident in their abilities to learn.

Most recently, I have completed TRAILS Curriculum training in social emotional learning, and additionally am trained to support children of all backgrounds and diverse learning needs.

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Melissa Wierenga, MA

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