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I’m glad that you have taken your first step toward working on you. I value a collaborative therapeutic relationship where I can work with you to meet your goals for health and healthy relationships. I realize the importance of finding a fulfilling fit with a therapist and prioritize offering not only a confidential space to explore what brings you to therapy, but also one that is safe and free from judgment. My goal is to create an environment where you can feel comfortable in your journey towards self-discovery.

 I am passionate in my work, and treat a variety of issues, including sexual issues and sexual health, depression, OCD and anxiety. I’ve worked in the area of sexuality and sexual issues for over 7 years; this has assisted me in my own journey toward inclusiveness and self-awareness. Much of my focus is also on anxiety; working to understand its role in our lives and the negative impact that can often present in a variety of ways. I am focused on maintaining an inclusive therapy space and have a personal and professional emphasis on diversity.

 I look forward to working with you in unlocking the areas of yourself that hold the potential for growth and peace. My hope is that we can take this journey together to see where the path leads.  If you feel that I'm the right fit, please
contact me to schedule an appointment.

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Lacey Twardowski, MA, LLP

Limited Licensed Psychologist