Doug Hathaway, CADC-M

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Meaningful Connections Counseling, PLC

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I believe that recovery is possible for everyone and that recovery is very difficult without a positive support system in place.  My goal is to help people who are trying to recover and sustain a clean and sober existence.  I believe that all people are equal, and through my own recovery and work history, I provide all clients the respect and dignity they deserve.  I offer group and individual counseling and have been thankful for the many success stories my clients report.

 I am a State of Michigan Certified Drug Counselor with 26 years of experience. I have been involved with residential treatment programs, out-patient counseling, and recovery group sessions for the MI Dept. of Corrections in correctional facilities. Please
contact me to discuss your needs.  

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Below is an interview with Doug on the Local Access show No Fences. Doug speaks to the connection between beliefs and behaviors and how this can impact a person's life.  Check it out!