Meaningful Connections Counseling, PLC

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​I like to think of our lives as being on a beautiful, complicated, and emotional journey that is full of ups and downs. For each of us, it is essential to feel safe and supported along this journey. I strive to provide a peaceful, non-judgmental environment where we can build off of individual strengths and skills to meet each person’s needs and goals.

I specialize in working with young children and their families through both individual and family therapy. Much of my focus is on anxiety, adjustment issues, self-esteem, anger management, family bonding and communication, and parenting skills. I have worked in home-based, school, and outpatient environments which has allowed me to work with children and adults of all ages.

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contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to working together and joining you on your journey! 

Kelene Rogers, MS, LPC, IMH-E (II), ADS 

Licensed Professional Counselor, Infant Mental Health Specialist, Acudetox Specialist